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Department Administration


Our committed faculty will motivate and support students in dealing with career-related challenges. Student mentor system focuses on the improvement of student through thorough counseling.

  • Monitoring attendance of respective counseling batch regularly monitored and identifying the students who are having less than 65-75% in the respective counseling batch, Contacting parents and informing.
  • Identifying the students who are poor in the studies in each semester and counsel them to improve the performance and suggest remedial solutions.
  • Counseling and suggesting to overcome the problems in order to achieve their goals.
  • The whole responsibility in counseling the students.


Our experienced faculty is assigned with one section as a class in-charge. All class in-charges are the members of this committee including HOD.

  • Verify that the students attending the classes on time or not.
  • Weekly monitoring of attendance registers.
  • Verify that the attendance is daily posted in Ez-school.
  • Displaying monthly attendance of students and identifying the students having 65-75%.
  • Informing and issuing attendance shortage letters to the parents.
  • The whole responsibility of the class.


Our senior faculty members are the members of this board.

  • Subject allocation, work load distribution and time table preparation.
  • Verify that the classes are conducted regular or not.
  • Identifying the difficult subjects and conduct remedial classes.
  • Planning of tutorial classes with subject expert along with subject teacher.
  • Planning of tutorial problems from reference text book exercises.
  • Selection of elective subjects.
  • Planning of workshops/guest lecturers/conferences/training programs.
  • Finalization of final-year projects.
  • University Exam result analysis and follow up for improvement.
  • Planning for student memberships like IETE, IE, IEEE and ISTE.
  • Monthly syllabus coverage and tutorial classes for backlog students.


Our placement team consists of two faculty members focuses on training towards placements.

  • Coordinating with TPO in placements.
  • Collecting the information of eligible students for placements.
  • Maintaining the department placement record.
  • Pre-placement Training to students like aptitude training, GD and interviews.
  • Training programs on MAT LAB, Xilinx, Embedded systems, HFSS, NS2 simulator.


Our department has separate library with huge collection of subject related books and career guidance books like aptitude reasoning and motivational books.

  • Identifying the important books and procuring the books as per academic committee suggestions.
  • Maintaining and issuing library books for students and staff.
  • Verification of library stock from the department


Department has this committee to ensure the proper maintenance and smooth conduction of labs throughout the academic year.

  • Verifying that the labs are conducting regularly or not.
  • Verifying that the equipment in the lab are in good condition in each semester and to provide service if required.
  • Maintenance of lab stock registers as per the stock.
  • Installing and proper maintenance of licensed softwares.
  • Updating the lab experiments and lab manuals after each semester.
  • See that the lab notice boards are updated with required information.
  • Identifying and procuring the new equipment for smooth conduction of labs.


Our energetic faculty regularly focuses on department discipline.

  • Monitoring of student dress code and ID cards.
  • Ensure the maintenance of discipline in the campus.
  • Investigating cases of indiscipline & appropriate action and punishments.
  • Remedy actions for student grievances if any

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