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DEPARTMENT LABORATORIES The ECE department has established well equipped laboratories with ambient infrastructure for smooth conduction of practical’s related to B.Tech program during the journey of 5 years. Department has established five physical laboratories like EDC lab, IC & PDC lab, Communication lab, Computer Simulation lab and MW & MP lab. Department has Licensed softwares like Xilinx, MAT LAB,CODE COMPOSE STUDIO, PSPICE with FPGA kits and DSP TMS320cX Processor kits. Computer Simulation lab has 36 inter connected high end configured computer systems with internet facility. This lab has 11KVA online UPS power supply. MW&MP lab was established with seven microwave benches, optical trainer kits and sufficient Microprocessor & Micro controller trainer kits and Interfacing boards. Well established Computer Simulation lab is useful for conducting workshops in the areas of VLSI and Digital Image Processing, Digital Signal Processing and Embedded Systems. The main purpose of this lab is Research and Development. The following laboratories are established and are well equipped as per the curriculum requirements of B.Tech as per JNTUK norms. LAB-WISE EQUIPMENT LIST Sl.No Lab Name Labs Undergone Equipment List 1 ELECTRONIC DEVICES AND CIRCUITS LAB EDC LAB Click Here ELECTRONIC CIRCUITS LAB 2 IC & PDC LAB INTEGRATED CIRCUITS AND APPLICATIONS (ICA) LAB Click Here PULSE DIGITAL CIRCUITS (PDC) LAB 3 COMMUNICATION LAB ANALOG COMMUNICATION (AC) LAB Click Here DIGITAL COMMUNICATION (DC) LAB 4 COMPUTER SIMULATION LAB ECAD AND VLSI LAB Click Here DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING LAB ELECTRONIC CIRCUIT ANALYSIS LAB R&D and PROJECT LAB 5 MW & MP LAB MICROPROCESSOR & MICRO CONTROLLER (MP&MC) LAB Click Here MICRO WAVE & OPTICAL COMMUNICATION (MW&OC) LAB LIST OF LICENSED SOFTWARES S.No Name of the Softwares No of Users 1 Computer Application Software License No. 703286. Perpetual concurrent License No:703286- Academic Vertion: It includes… 1. MATLAB 15 2. Signal Processing tool Box. 10 3. DSP Systems Tool Box 5 4. Communication systems Tool Box 2 5. SIMULINK 2 6. Control Systems Tool Box 2 7. Image Processing Tool box 2 2 Software ( Vertion11.1i,25-uses licence Xilinix ISE system Edition 12.1i * ISE 12 * CHIPSCOPE Pro * Plan ahead *EDK * Sysgen * Lsim * Modelsim Starter Edition 25 3 OrCAD Pspice Simulation tool 15 4 CODE COMPOSER STUDIO Ver:3.1 5 5 VLSI Training Boards 1) Spartan3 Boards – 3 2) Anvyl Spartan6 -1 3) Vertex5 -1 4) Zed Board -2 7 EDC LAB: This laboratory is established with an aim to develop the fundamentals related to building blocks of analog electronic circuits. Experiments carried out include the design of basic circuits like Rectifiers, Amplifiers, Oscillators and their applications etc. The laboratory is equipped with Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes, Regulated Power Supplies, Function Generators and many other electronic components based trainer kits. ANALOG AND DIGITAL COMMUNICATION LAB: The laboratory is established with an aim to train the students in both analog and digital transmission/reception of signals and constructing circuits based on analog and digital modulation techniques, further students can develop prototypes that provide greater intelligence and higher versatility for communication tasks under ever-changing constraints of the environment. The lab is well equipped with Analog and Digital Communication trainer kits, Microwave Communication test benches and optical Communication equipment etc. INTEGRATED CIRCUITS (IC) LAB: The laboratory aims at imparting the knowledge required to design and verify different analog and digital circuits based on different types of combinational and sequential logic circuits, operational amplifiers, 555 timers etc. The laboratory is equipped with 10 bit, 16 bit Digital Trainer Kits, Digital IC Tester, Digital Storage Oscilloscope’s and 3MHz Function generators etc. PULSE DIGITAL CIRCUITS (PDC) LAB: The laboratory aims at imparting the knowledge required to design and verify different analog and digital circuits based on operational amplifiers, 555 timers etc. Laboratory is equipped with Digital Storage Oscilloscope’s, 3MHz Function generators and Digital Trainer kits etc. MICROPROCESSOR & MICRO CONTROLLER (MP&MC) LAB: The laboratory has been established with 36 networked computer systems with high end configuration to satisfy the needs in the area of microprocessors & Micro controllers focusing on embedded systems. A 11KVA UPS is available for un interrupted power. The Lab has micro controller trainer kits, microprocessor trainer kits and interfacing kits. In addition to these a wide range of micro controllers and microprocessors are available for project work. For demonstration and explanation an LCD projector is available. MICRO WAVE & OPTICAL COMMUNICATION (MW&OC)LAB: In this laboratory, students are exposed to different microwave active devices such as klystron and gunn diode, passive devices like isolator, circulator, slotted section, directional coupler, horn antenna, attenuator and terminations etc including frequency meter and VSWR meter for microwave signal parameter measurements. The laboratory is also equipped with fiber optic trainer kits and modules to enable the study of components of an optical communication system. EMBEDDED SYSTEMS & VLSI LAB: The laboratory is established with an aim to train the students in using different ARM-926 Cortex Microcontroller boards and ZED-FPGA Universal kits for various real time industrial applications. The lab is well equipped with different licensed software’s like Xilinx ISE System Design 12.1. Xilinx Vivado Design Suite etc. ELECTRONIC CIRCUIT ANALYSIS (ECA) LAB: This laboratory has licensed software “PSPICE” to design various electronic circuits like power amplifiers, tuned amplifiers, regulators, oscillators, feedback amplifiers. This lab also had both discrete components and hard ware trainer kits. The lab is equipped with 36 number of computer systems with online UPS which are inter connected. DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING LAB: This laboratory is equipped with Texas manufactured DSP starter kits with the core processor being TMS320C54X. This lab has licensed software “MAT LAB R2011”. This lab exposes the aspects of Digital Signal Processing and Digital Image Processing. Many of the algorithms and filter designing related to DSP are implemented in MATLAB software, Code Composer Studio ( Full Version) and using TMS320C54X DSP processor. RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT AND PROJECT LAB: The R&D lab was established with 15 computers with internet access. It is meant for research and project work. The R&D centre is manned dedicated staff. The R&D lab equipped with the following hard ware & software – 1. PSPICE. 2. MATLAB. 3.XILINX. 4. CC STUDIO 5.KIEL 6. SPARTAN 3 FPGA kits 7. DSP TMS320C54X processors. The R&D is used extensively used by 3rd & 4th Year UG students for document research & Project work.

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