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INTAKE - 120

Welcome to the department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Our department’s motto is to provide excellence in Engineering education. It strives for excellence in teaching, research& professional services to the students so as to achieve eminence in all the areas of electrical& electronics engineering.

EEE focuses on broad-based training to provide flexibility of career choices and nurture lifelong learning. It strikes a balance between breadth and depth to provide a solid foundation in physical sciences and broad coverage of non-technical areas on one-hand, and comprehensive training in electrical and electronics engineering on the other.


The goal of EEE is to develop the students in to integrating Personalities with a blend of academics, extracurricular, Aptitude And recruitment oriented and also to make them ready to compete in this global world .

  • For employment in Electric power companies such as APGENCO, APTRANCO, APDISCOM etc., and allied industries.
  • For employment in companies dealing with Power Components and Systems.
  • For going to higher studies in India or abroad.
  • For seeking employment in engineering services, IT sector, foreign services etc.,