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Ms.K Bharath Kumar Recieved Prathiba Award 2018-19



About MECH Department

Mechanical engineering has evolved from the practice by the mechanic of an art based largely on trial and error to the application by the professional engineer of the scientific method in research, design, and production. It is the branch of engineering concerned with the design, manufacture, installation, and operation of engines and machines and with manufacturing processes. It is particularly concerned with forces and motion.

History of Mechanical Engineering dates to ancient Greece, where mechanisms like screw pumps, steam engines, clocks, seismometers, and even differential gears were invented. Chain drives, escarpments, crankshafts, and camshafts date to the middle ages.

The department started its journey in the year 2012 and within a short period of 5 years, the department is accredited by NBA, which itself is a feather in the department’s cap. The Department has well equipped laboratories and infrastructural facilities. The department boasts of a high end Simulation laboratory, a CNC Laboratory and an R&D laboratory. The department works for the overall development of the students by inculcating the spirit of self learning. Students are provided with a variety of opportunities and platforms for them to technically grow and by giving them a chance to investigate a broad range of areas; which propels them to learn with zeal and grow.

Mechanical Engineers have opportunities in various fields which itself shows the all-pervasive branch of engineering. Students of mechanical engineering can aspire to locate themselves in various organisations dealing with Automobile, Design, Manufacturing, Aviation, Defence, Power sector, Oil and Gas, Aviation, Railways, Space, Shipping, Metallurgy, Pharmaceuticals, Mining etc. The students are driven to train in various fields of Mechanical engineering like CAD, CAM, Robotics, Welding, NDT and many other platforms which help them to excel in these fields thus enabling employment opportunities.


The faculty are trained to make the students reach their goals. They incline themselves to constantly upgrade their know- how in the field of engineering. The faculty and students have the habit of regularly publishing papers in journals and present then in conferences. They are members of various international organisations which is one platform for them to enhance their latest know-how in the field of engineering.


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