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Dr.V.V. Rama Reddy

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Engineering education is indeed a rewarding intellectual experience. Lendi prepares the engineering professionals of tomorrow instill with insight, imagination and inventiveness to flourish as successful engineers. The exceptional dedication of our students, faculty and staff, and our collaborations with industry and other institutions ensure that the Institute is well balanced to create a unique niche in the horizons of engineering education. Lendi always works hard to stand above the rest in its approach to education and in its pedagogies.

To build the gap between Academia and Industry, we offer opportunities to the students to have hands on experience in all the required areas. Consistently, we never hesitated to look into our deficiencies and transform us to an efficient agent of social change. Many of our parents, well-wishers and critics would confirm that the College has substantially contributed to the all round development of student in turn to the process of National Development by providing quality education and thereby enabling the students to become globally competent. The strength of Lendi lies in its visionary management; qualified and committed faculty focused and disciplined students. That is how since its inception the Institution is being sought after place for the students’ consistent 75% placement track and academic results.

I envisage, in the coming years, the College shall have Potential for Excellence. Education is not an act of acquiring knowledge but learning a skill to lead life and forming one’s personality. This is an ennobling process of growth. I can boldly say that we have started it and shall excel in every initiative that we undertake and we stand together in facing the challenges in realizing quality education.

I appeal everyone to be sensitive and compassionate to the marginalized and the people in need. This has been the unique character of Lendi. I feel happy when the bright and talented students perform remarkably well. However what makes me happier is when a slow learner from a rural background progresses steadily from general performance to better performance, moving towards excellence.