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Management Committe

Sri. P.Madhusudana Rao


Lendi believes in value based education and allows engineers to strengthen the society ethically. Since its inception it has been striving hard to meet this goal and I strongly believe that all the educative experience at Lendi would add value to its vision. The Institution pioneers the cause of providing quality technical education in with an attempt to transform the young Indians into highly competent and talented professionals armed with knowledge and skills. It also strives to improve the efficiency to increase his productivity for fine tuning the personality to unleash the true potential in a student.

Sri. P.Srinivasa Rao

Vice Chairman

Andhra Pradesh boasts of huge pool of talented young people. These talented professionals have created an international network of skilled professionals around the world. We at Lendi are strategically poised to play a pivotal role to providing the next generation professionals, technologists, entrepreneurs. We take this opportunity to invite the corporate world to visit our campus to see the quality of education, professional standards maintained by our Institute. Surely, we are confident you will get the best of students at Lendi.

Sri. K.Siva Rama Krishna


The students of Lendi are prepared to enter the world of professional practice. The strong foundation coupled with thorough preparation in an engineering discipline ensures that the student will have lifelong access to rapidly developing new technologies and prepares each student to be a citizen, an advocate, and a leader in the complex world of the 21st century. The educational outcomes of Lendi are consistent with its Mission. We have created the finest facilities for the students to make the most of their scholastic pursuit.