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Innovation & Incubation Center

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  • About Lendi IIC

    LIET innovation and incubation centre is to create awareness and give exposure to the students to make them as entrepreneurs. To encourage the LIET students with an entrepreneurial bent of mind, to come up with creative and innovative ideas and given ideas to make their efforts to start new ventures, and provide a platform for budding entrepreneurs to create new and innovative ventures by providing required infrastructure and guidance.

    Awareness and exposure

    • Create awareness about entrepreneurship and conduct activities for entrepreneurship development.
    • Facilitate concept generation and impart knowledge in business plan development and implementation.
    • Organize workshops, seminars and discussions by entrepreneurs.
    • Arrange part time, short term and long term internship programs.
    • Internship for generating ideas to business initiatives to young engineers.
    • Motivate students to establish successful companies.
    • Student Business Incubation Programs.
    • Establish an incubation unit to nurture, develop and refine innovative ideas.
    • Train students on the entire legal, technical and managerial know how organize events to promote entrepreneurship among students.
    • Organize events to help students upgrade their skills.
    • Provide opportunities for student project ideas and assist in drafting proposal for financial support.