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Research & Development

“Knowing is not Enough, We must apply; Wishing is not Enough, We must do;”

Research is nothing but re-Search of previous findings and to find out the problems to innovate the new things with the help of creative ideas. Lendi provides good platform to achieve the same. Research helps the faculty members to keep their subject in touch and to do the research in the upcoming areas of respective department which plays vital role for the intellectual development of the faculty. Lendi also focused on the continual improvement of the Research and Development activities by each department to publish paper in the peer reviewed journal, to organise/participate international/national conference/symposium/ workshop/ faculty development program towards to gain the knowledge by interacting with their peers while participating the said activities. In continuation of the said activities, Lendi encourages the faculty to start and involve active participation of the professional bodies of the respective department.

Lendi Management having righteous mind and knowing the importance of R&D, they have sanctioned necessary funds towards to develop Research and Development and We have Created exclusive Lab Like Qualnet Lab for CSE, IOT lab for ECE,.Etc., for Research and Development in all disciplines and engaged in R&D and consultancy activities. The R&D cell of this college would be active in organizing conferences, seminars and workshops, Faculty Developments, etc

Objectives of R & D

  • To acquire new Scientific and Engineering knowledge.
  • To design novel methodologies in all the fields of Engineering and Technology.
  • To develop new tools and techniques to expedite problem solving with special emphasis on rural and socially relevant issues.
  • To setup Intellectual Property Cell to motivate the students and faculty to register their innovations and other intellectual creations to obtain patent, copyright, trademark, design etc.
  • To Motivate the faculty for applying for research grants from national, international and private funding agencies, Scientific Research Institutions, Scientific Associations and other financial Bodies.
  • Organizing conferences, workshops, seminars, Symposiums and other research oriented events in national and International level

R & D Team

Name of the Faculty Department Designation
Dr. P. Satish Mechanical Engineering Professor, R & D Dean
Dr. K.Narasimha Raju Computer Science and Engineering Professor
Dr. D.Naresh Kumar Electronics and Communication Engineering Professor
Dr. K. Subbaramaiah Electrical & Electronics Engineering Professor
Dr. CH.V.R.L.Gayatri Science & Humanities Assistant Professor