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Our Activities

  • Dec-2018 03

    A guest lecture on “Operation of thermal power plants”:

    A guest lecture on “operation of thermal power plants and introduction the hot line works” by Dr.V.Srinivasarai , APGENCO was organized on 3rd DEC 2018.

  • Apr-2018 16

    A 1-week FDP on” Application of embedded systems to INTERNET OF THINGS (AESIOT)”:

    Dr.S.K.Parida, IIT Patna and various other resources persons from IIT, Patna and Kharagpur,NIT Hamirpur has addressed the participants on IoT and embedded systems application with hands on experience/training.

    Dec-2017 04

    A guest lecture on “Recent Trends in Power Systems”:

    A guest lecture on “Recent Trends in Power Systems” by Dr.N.P.Patidar , NIT Bhopal was organized on 4th Dec 2017. Dr.Sidhartha Panda, VSSUT, Burla has delivered a lecture on Introduction to MATLAB on 5th Dec 2017. A general awareness on ethical values on human life was covered by DR.Ranjan kumar Behra,IIT patna Guest lecute on 5thDEC 2017.

    Dec-2017 04

    1-Week FDP on "Electrical Power Systems with Emphasis on MATLAB"

    Dr. N.P.Padhey, Professor, IIT Roorkie and Dr. S. Panda, Professor VSSUT has addressed faculty with hands on programming on MATLAB with good real time examples. Faculty from different engineering colleges participated in this one week FDP and acquired good research knowledge.

  • Dec-2016 24

    One Day National Workshop On Smart Grid- Concepualization And Implemenation

    Prof. N.P.Padhey from IIT Roorkie has created great awareness on "Smart Grids" which is useful in real time power grids.

    Dec-2016 10

    2- Day Workshop on "Transformer Designing"

    Two eminent persons Mr. Kalidas Dora and Mr. G. Mani Kumar from Naval Dockyard showed live examples on designing transformers and their nature of working.

    August-2016 24

    1-Day FDP on "Power Quality Issues & Recent Advaces In Renewable Energy Conversion Systems "

    Dr. N. Jaya Ram from NIT Kurukshetra presented recent advancements in renewable energy sources and system, which enabled our faculty to initiate their research aptitude.

    Feb-2016 27

    Guest Lecture on Familiarization Of Thermal Power Stations

    Mr. V. Srinivasa Rao from APGENCO, Vijayawada lectured students on thermal power plant and its main and auxiliary equipments.

  • Jan-2016 25

    Guest Lecture on "MATLAB /Simulink Based Modeling Simulation & Analysis"

    Prof. Siddartha Panda from VSSUT, Burla lectured students on the usage of MATLAB in simulating and modeling the power system networks.

    Jan-2016 05

    FDP on Research Methodologies

    Prof. N.P. Padhey from IIT, Roorkie addressed faculty about the changes in current research and motivated faculty about choosing research domains.

    Oct-2015 10

    Guest Lecture on "Demand Management By Using Smart Grid Technology"

    Faculty are enlightened with the role of Smart Grid in integration of renewable energy to meet growing energy demand management by Prof. N.P. Padhey from IIT, Roorkie

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